WelcomeWelcome to the Nature’s Reflection gallery which highlights MF Wolik’s abstract nature photography and reflection art. Please turn on some atmospheric music and have a look around. Creating art is a natural form of communication and therapy for me. I use the photographic lens to express a mixture of emotion, inspiration, spirituality and fascination. I am intrigued by mysterious topics like the unconscious mind, mythology, existentialism and the origins of nature.

“And what am I to love if not the enigma.”
– Giorgio de Chirico

My abstract nature photography is created while hiking and exploring after my inhibitions have freely dissipated. During this naturally heightened and relaxed state, I become in tune with my surroundings and breathe in the experience. I then search for metaphors within natural subjects such as lichen, silt, sand and rock. The photography reflection art is a culmination of artistic, natural, psychological and spiritual explorations. The reflections reveal personal experiences as well as possible insights into the collective unconscious. The reflections are created by mirroring photography and art without use of layering or filter manipulations.